Friday, November 24, 2017

Check List......

Snow tires installed - check

Insurance company called to get 5% discount for installing snow tires - check

Information input into computer for a rebate on buying snow tires - check

Only going to get around $60 discount on insurance and $60 prepaid Visa card for the rebate.  However it's better that money in our pocket than in the companies pocket, right!!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Made out like a bandit..........

I have discovered a new to me fabric store.  It's called Hummingbird Sewing in Barrie, Ontario.  To save me travelling to drop off my quilt, when I wanted it sewn, Rose uses this store as a drop off and pick up point.  I signed up for their newsletter and emails, and got an email to let me know that on Wednesday they had a couple of special deals.  The zippers were buy one get one free and ten packages of buttons for $10.  There wasn't a great selection of zippers, but did pick up four for the price of two for my stash and get ten packages of buttons, as they are always handy to have on hand.

This is what I go for $10:

I was so pleased with what I chose, as they will be good for both knitting and sewing.  Not sure if you can see the prices, but the package with three buttons on them is normally $7 each package.  They are so pretty.  Not sure what I'll do with the spiders, probably something Halloween themed!

I had to go to Barrie for a couple of other things, so it was worthwhile me stopping by to pick these up.

Happy Thanksgiving to my friends south of the border, hope you have a lovely day!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

What to do when it's cold and snowy outside......

Snuggle up under a quilt and sew the binding on it and that will keep you toasty warm.
Rose did a beautiful job again on this quilt; she also quilted Nora's quilt.  I will post a full photo of it when it is completely finished.  I love this material I used for the backing and binding, it's called Architextures for Robert Kaufman,  I have used the tangerine colourway on another quilt and this is the grey colourway.  I would use it again, it's a good neutral to use.

I got a number of pocket tissue covers and matching key fobs finished for the animal shelter also on the weekend.
That will have to do for them for the moment as I have some other sewing I need to get crossed of my list, including making Barbie clothes.  I have four "naked" Barbie dolls sitting on the dining room table, so need to make a wardrobe of clothes for them and the rest of Nitara's Barbies for her birthday in January.  

If anyone has some links for free Barbie clothes patterns please let me know.  I have found a couple but not 100% happy with them.  I also need to run up four Baby Doll Pouch Blanket's for the girls for Christmas, as I think both the big girls and the babies/little girls will enjoy them.

On a night I am tackling a knitting project and will show you that once I get a decent way into it.  I would like to get an adult hat also knit before Christmas as well as a little present for someone.  All in all I have plenty to keep me out of mischief for the forseable!!

Are busy with making things for Christmas?

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Walking the Serengeti

I am not walking the actual Serengeti, but I did just get the Fit Bit badge for walking a total of 500 miles since I started walking.  Not bad since the end of June.  

"You may not have seen wildebeasts, giraffes or zebras on this trek, but you have walked 500 miles—the same distance as the Serengeti, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World."

I am still enjoying my walking, especially as it is a lot cooler now, which to my mind is perfect walking weather.  I am not happy walking when it's stinking hot, pouring with rain and I guess I'll not be happy when it's snowing like crazy and is icy.

I am down between 26 to 28lbs, I seem to fluctuate with those two pounds, but I am still holding steady with my weight, which is good.  If I made more of an effort I would lose more, but I am enjoying this slow and steady weight loss as it doesn't feel like hard work.

My next badge I am working towards is Italy which is 736 miles walked.  Hoping to get that by the end of January/beginning of February.  I would also like to earn the High Tops badge which is 20,000 steps in one day......but I don't think that will be happening any time soon.  If I get over 10,000 steps per day I am a happy camper.

This Fit Bit is keeping me motivated and I would highly recommend getting one.